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Thermoformed covers

Our technical staff can develop covering solutions in thermoformed ABS. Also used in complex appliances requiring the final device to carry out multiple movements and ease the motion. A smooth flow motion between the parts is ensured, with easy installation and reasonably-priced coverings.

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Multi-tech cases

Developing complex, long-lasting products that are accurate and user-friendly is what our specialists strive for to match the sophisticated requirements needed by medical devices. Thanks to the combination of a mix of technologies, we can achieve the best cost-benefit ratio as well as compliance with technical and legislative specifications for every implemented solution. 

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Metal-free frames

The combination of thermoforming and structural PUR technologies provides the opportunity to replace metallic frames with plastic components. Together they give the possibility to manufacture easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain devices, without compromising on aesthetics.

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Shock-proof structural bases and stands

Integral PUR and thermoforming technologies make possible to incorporate metallic frames into protective casings. In this way, high aesthetic quality and soft-touch feeling are combined with mechanical functionality and structural resistance.

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