About Us


Here at RPS we design and manufacture plastic solutions and components. Our company is a modern and efficient organization rooted in a past full of knowledge and competence. In fact, RPS acquired the assets and know-how of Ruberti, an Italian brand and firm with over a century of history and more than 50 years’ experience in plastic solutions. 
RPS is leader in the production of finished and semi-finished plastic products, applying multiple technologies. We are therefore able to offer continuous assistance and the best support during the entire process: from design to prototyping, up to components manufacturing. We follow thoroughly every project, product and service stage to find the best solution every time and to satisfy any need.

What sets us apart

Knowledge is at the core of our engineering and manufacturing processes. We develop plastic components, coverings, exterior parts and assemblies. Our experience and competence in different fields allows us to select the most appropriate mix of technologies and outsourced components. We have the flexibility for taking on both make-to-order projects and serial production.
To assure the adoption of the most suitable solution and the best quality-cost ratio, we suggest getting in contact with our team already from the beginning of the project. 

R&D and internal Technical Department

Our internal technical and R&D departments will assist you in every step of product development, from sharing ideas and feasibility studies, up to the actual product manufacturing. Through cooperation and a direct relationship between the staff and our customers’ R&D departments (no matter where located in the world), we aim for maximum process efficiency and the adoption of the best solutions for every project.  
Our services include:
  • Requirement analysis and design check
  • Co-design
  • Structural analysis simulation (using FEM)
  • Soft and rapid prototyping for style choices approval or functional testing
  • Planning on budget
  • Risk analysis
and more options, suited to more specific needs


A large and organized manufacturing area is at your disposal, thus guaranteeing high productivity, maximum flexibility and ready responsiveness through the use of purpose-designed equipment. Production planning and scheduling, defined in collaboration and in accordance to customer requests, are at the core of process optimization and efficiency also for logistics and transportation.
Top performances are assured by the combined use of molding equipment, cutting equipment (CNC), mold-handling systems and the employment of the right tools and accessories, making easier assembling components.  

Assembling and finishing Touches

Assembly is the most delicate and challenging stage of manufacturing, as different elements and components are combined with each other to make up perfect finished products or more complex systems. Attention to details and professional commitment ensure the highest quality on every feature and finishing part, as well as compliance with the customers’ specific needs.  


On request, we provide an integrated logistics support, with specifically dedicated solutions, developed for every single product and need. Upon request, we can also take care and organize customized shipping.  

Quality Standard

In order to provide the required standards, we monitor and supervise the quality of each and every process involved in our manufacturing.  On request, we can perform testing and supporting activities targeted at design, raw material and product certifications, in collaboration with specialized offices for type-approval documentation.
Our services and organization are certified with international standards for quality and environment: UNI EN ESO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015.

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